Download Rimm Sustainability’s Barriers to Net Zero Report.

SMEs make up 99% of all British businesses and without engaging and educating them on how they play a vital role in the collective sustainability journey, the country will not reach its desired 2050 net zero target.

In our survey, key findings include:

➡️ 6 in 10 SMEs do not have the necessary tools to reach net zero and lack knowledge.

➡️ In UK, close to two-thirds (63%) of SMEs do not have a well thought out climate impact reduction plan.

➡️ 50% of the SMEs pointed to a lack of funding as the main obstruction towards greater sustainability.

➡️ 25% of SMEs surveyed say they have no plans to become greener as it is neither a regulatory nor a legal requirement.

Find out how these challenges affect your company and what are the levers to overcome these barriers. Read more to understand how you can prepare and plan your Net Zero strategy today!

Our sustainability solutions platform ‘myCSO’ can help resolve above mentioned discrepancies.


The one-of-a-kind SaaS platform has been created as an accessible solution
for SMEs to monitor and manage their sustainability progress, as a Chief Sustainability Officer would, with an end-to-end suite of tools.

myCSO includes:

  • One-click assessments based on sustainability standards to show you the exact areas your company needs to improve. 
  • Strengthen your company’s positioning in your industry by benchmarking your
    performance against data on over 12,000 companies.
  • Analyze your company’s risks - and be prepared for any situation such as changes in stakeholder expectations.

To find out more about how myCSO can support and assist your business reach net zero targets, book a demo now.